Investment Forms

Below is a list of the various individual forms you may need to manage your WELS CEF investment. Please feel free to contact us – or you can call us toll-free at 1-866-511-7793.

How to purchase a WELS Church Extension Fund (CEF) loan or savings certificate
To purchase a Loan or Savings Certificate you will need to complete an investment application. You can find the appropriate application below. A detailed description of all WELS certificates is found in our Offering Circular which you may also download below.  Once you have opened at least one WELS CEF investment in this manner you will be able to register for online access.

How to open an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
WELS CEF offers traditional and Roth IRA accounts through our third-party administrator, TMI Trust Company in Atlanta, Ga. IRA certificates may be a new regular contribution, a transfer from an existing IRA account, or a rollover from a previous employer’s retirement account. Please contact us at 1-866-511-7793 and we will send you the needed forms.

How to add to your Savings Certificate
Additions can be made do your Savings Certificate at any time. Simply fill out an Additional Investment/Partial Redemption Form and mail or fax it to WELS CEF with your check.

How to make partial redemptions from your Savings Certificate
You may take partial redemptions from your Savings Certificate at any time. Simply fill out an Additional Investment/Partial Redemption Form and mail or fax it to WELS CEF.

How to EFT transactions
We have the ability to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) redemptions or partial redemptions directly to another financial institution – saving you time and expense. Simply fill out the Electronic funds transfer authorization agreement form and send it – along with a voided check – to WELS CEF. Void deposit slips are not acceptable.

How to close your WELS CEF certificate
If you wish to close out your certificate at maturity please send a written request to redeem your certificate. This request should include the certificate number and the last four digits of your social security number. The request must be signed and dated by the certificate holder. If your certificate was issued prior to December 2015 and you have the original certificate that was issued to you please send the certificate to our office with your signature on the back at the time of redemption.


*Not FDIC or SIPC insured   *Not a bank deposit  *No Synod Guarantee

The purchase of WELS CEF’s securities is subject to risks, which are described in our Offering Circular. This is not an offer to sell you our securities and we are not soliciting you to buy our securities. We will offer and sell our securities only in states where authorized. These securities are neither offered nor available for sale in West Virginia or District of Columbia. The offering is made solely by the Offering Circular.

Terms and ConditionsDownload 
Offering CircularDownload 
Individual Investment ApplicationDownload 
Organization Investment ApplicationDownload 
Beneficiary DesignationDownload 
Additional Investment/Partial Redemption Download 
Electronic funds transfer authorization agreementDownload 
Address change formDownload 
Authorized signature formDownload 
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